Monday, October 20, 2008

Meandering with Em

So I have been meandering in Century City with Emily over night. She has interviews in the area today and had to spend the night at the Century City Plaza hotel. Emily invited me to spend the night so we could have some mother/daughter time together. It is nice to be able to have time away from the everyday distractions of home to be able to talk about her decisions. She has some big ones to make in the next couple of weeks for her job for next summer that will more than likely be her future place of employment. Century City is all a little bit over my head and a totally different world than I am used to but I am beginning to understand the picture. She will have some nice opportunities and as her Mom I am glad that she will be here back in L.A. We continue to pray for her as she discerns what God has for her.


Will De Hart said...

Sounds like a great time to connect. Look for the signs and miracles. God'll make it so she can't miss her next level of authority.

My grandpa Billy used to manage the a/c for two high rises in Century City. He had a key for a small room with a couch in it. It was his siesta room.

Robin said...

We are excited for Emily and the force for good she is and will be. Uncle David

blushing rose said...

Congrats on your win at Gathering of Thoughts. You have such a gorgeous heirloom enroute ... Rebecca is the very best of creating beautiful items. TTFN ~Marydon