Friday, November 26, 2010

This year we gathered at John and Pat Reinhardt's for our Thanksgiving feast. We also came together to celebrate our parents 60th wedding anniversary.

Tom enjoying a relaxing evening on Wednesday.
This is the cake we got for the Wednesday the day before their actual anniversary. It is a photo from the early days ;)

Jim Reinhardt cuts the anniversary cake.

Ashely Reinhardt (my niece) creating a delicious artichoke dip.
John Reinhardt, my brother and Poppa to Zayley.
Two cuties together Ashley and Daisy Mae.
Just hanging out on Wednesday. We arrived earlier in the day to avoid traffic.

Thanksgiving day after a leisurely morning and a nice walk in a nearby preserve the work began. Everyone pitched in helping Pat ( the main chef ) with all the cooking and cleaning.
It was a grand feast enjoyed by all.

Mom reading one of the cards on Thanksgiving that didn't get read on the evening before.
Recovery time on the couch.

Lang, Brooke and Zayley.

The evening on Wednesday was a success! Now they are working on 61 years.

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