Friday, August 22, 2008

Not only meadering but wandering

Not only do I meander but also a wander and especially when my girls come home. When the girls are at home we always make time for what we call our "cultural events". Usually it is a tea and a museum which was the case this week . Amy and Jeff came home to help at St. Andrew's Family Camp and Amy stayed her extra week. It is a great time for us to catch up with her and to take advantage of all the fun places in Los Angeles and it's surrounding environs. We always drag my Mom on these events which she loves and keeps up very well. So in the picture to the left, from the left is my Mom, Kay Reinhardt, Amy Cox Klug and Me. It is so fun to have the three generations together that enjoy some common interests. This trip we started off at the Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena for a bite to eat before hoofing it all over the Huntington. It is a great little place in Pasadena, Ca. that is a tea house and flower shop all in one. It has a wonderful afternoon tea at a reasonable price, with a large selection of teas and a never feel rushed atmosphere. We also always walk away with leftovers. After the tea we headed over to the Huntington (Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens) in San Marino, right next to Pasadena. I have been there often and there is never enough time but especially this time because they have added a new garden and square footage to the Huntington display areas. The new display areas were set up nicely and the best part was that they had audio headsets that tell you all about certain pieces of art. It made the visit so much more interesting. The other wonderful addition is the new Chinese garden(Photo). It is supposed to be the biggest Chinese garden that exists out of the country of China. Even though it has alot of growing to do, it was still quite impressive. And a treat for us was to happen upon Will and Nadine Davies some friends that used to attend St. Andrew's. Above are my attempts to capture pictures of flowers which I will use for art to adorn my walls.
For the last stop of the day we went back to Pasadena to Vroman's bookstore. My Mom worked at Vroman's when she was in her early 20's and still living in Pasadena where she was born and raised. She probably spent more than she made because she is a prolific reader.
I have more to say and other pictures to post so hopefully I will get better at this as I go. Enjoy!

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I love your flower pictures mom:)