Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sad but grateful day

Today is a sad day because it is the day I should have been looking forward to instead of dreading. It is the day I cannot give any physical comfort to my first baby, Amy and her husband Jeff because they live far away in Illinois. I cannot comfort them on the day they should have been holding a baby, Little Leah, instead of having empty arms. I can call and cry and say that I am praying and thinking about them today.
I am grateful for their friends in Christ at First Presbyterian who are being the hands and feet of God today. The friends who are taking Amy to lunch and coffee and are providing dinner tonight. I am grateful for my friends from my covenant group and those believers that I share with you pray without ceasing for Amy, Jeff and our family. I am grateful for my friend Nancy who is taking me to lunch today too.
I am grateful that God walked alongside us as we raised our children to understand that the church( the body of Christ) can be a place of refuge.
I am grateful that Amy and Jeff have the hope of heaven knowing that Leah is with Jesus and someday we will all be together.
I am grateful for a God who takes care of all our needs and some of our wants too. I so wanted to take Leah to the beach and play in the sand and jump the waves.
So my silly hope of heaven is that there is a great big beach with gentle waves that we can get acquainted on. I can feel her clinging to my leg already ;-)


Gretchen said...

Hi Aunt Mary, I cried today knowing what Amy and Jeff as well as you and Uncle Tom are going through. It is a heart wrenching experience and I am so comforted to know what a good support system Jeff and Amy have in Chicago.
Leah will always have a part in the Cox/Klug families and she will be greeted with so much joy in heaven!

Erin said...

Hey Aunt Mary! I just saw your blog from the link on Gretchen's and have enjoyed reading your posts! I will enjoy keeping up with you this way. :)